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Karen H.


At Old Mill store in Pigeon Forge TN I purchased some Strawberry Toe Jam. This is some of the best tasting Strawberry Jam/Jelly I have ever had. Thank you so much for this great product. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Many blessings to you for continued wonderful products.


We love hearing from you!! Please email whitney@tennesseebest.com and let us know how we are doing! 

Glenn I.


I recently tried some of your products....outstanding is the only word that comes to mind!!!. The pickled green tomatoes are so good your tongue will just about slap your brain out! It is nice to know that there is still a company that puts so much pride and quality and what they do. Thank you for manufacturing such high-quality products and carrying on old country traditions. I am not one carry-on or advertise for anyone but I have recommended your products to everyone I know. 

About Us

From the Farm to Your Table

Here at Tennessee's Best, we are a family operated local company.  Our products are made from whole foods grown near you, and that makes the difference in our products compared to other products you see on your grocer's shelf!  Our goal is to make sure that every product that carries the Tennessee's Best name is the best tasting and highest quality product on the market.  It's all about buying local --that means you get it fresh from the Farm to your Table!

Buy Local Whole Foods near You

Our products are local and are made from whole foods.  This is important to you, as quality is what is preserved in our jars!  Made  with time tested recipes, and made in small batches, you will understand what buying local means.  As soon as you open the jar, you too will know exactly what farm to table means. 

Small Business Big On Taste

Our famous chow chows have been sold for over 30 years, and folks love our selection of pickles and relishes--the green tomato pickles are just like Grandma used to make.  Open a jar and taste the freshness--it's produce in a jar!  Catch the trend of whole foods!

Our staff

Matt Shown


Matt Shown is our Director of Operations.  He will be bringing your orders to your door and taking care of any needs you may have.  Feel free to contact him to discuss new product lines and any other way we can help you.

Gale Shown


Gale Shown is our Sales Manager and will be happy to call on you or to take your order over the telephone.  You can reach her at (865) 524-3915 or send her an email to gale@tennesseebest.com.

Whitney Cummings


Whitney Cummings is our Director of Marketing and Online Store Coordinator.  She will be handling your orders on the web and any personalized party favors that you may need. You can reach her at 865.680.3388 or Whitney@tennesseebest.com.

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