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Wholesale food products - private label


Interested in expanding your brand with our products?

We are now offering private labeling services! What better want to create brand name recognition than with your company name on the label of our time tested products? 

Private Labeling Options

We offer several options for private labeling to fit your needs. We can provide the whole package including label design, printing and shipment. Or if you prefer you can provide us with your labels and we can ship your product ready to go! 

Contact Gale@tennesseebest.com for more information. 


Q: Is there a minimum requirement for private labeling?

A: We do not have a minimum but to make the labels cost effective it is best to order these in bulk.

Q: What if I want to private label multiple products with the same kind of label?

A: That is the best option for the money! We can help you create a base label that we can then print multiple product options on.